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Sekolah Minggu - Sunday School

Sidang Jemaat Allah Bandung - Assembly of God Bandung
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Hey, anak-anak! Selamat datang! Situs ini kusus anak-anak Gereja kita! 


Hey kids ! welcome to our website! On the picture you see the Arc of Noah. Do you know about this story from the Bible? God saved Noah and his family, together with the animals. Because God loved Noah very much.
And do you know what" God also loves you! The Lord Jesus Himself said in the Bible "let the children come to me, cause for them is the Kingdom of God".
We also welcome children to our church, and for all of you we organize sunday school every sunday from 08.00 in the morning till about 10.00 o'clock.
You will hear more stories like the one of Noah from the Bible, learn to sing new songs, make new friends, play.
If you wanna join, you can come directly to our church on sunday. But you can also make a phonecall first if you are a bit shy. But maybe your mum and dad can bring you. Maybe they also want to join our church.
You can find our buidling and sunday school at Jl. Merdeka 32 in Bandung. Not so far from the shopping mall BIP.
The teachers of SJA-Sunday school


Natalan dengan Sekolah Minggu

Josef, Maria dan Bayi Jesus dengan Simeon


Natalan dengan Sekolah Minggu

SJA. Jalan Merdeka 32, Bandung 40117, Indonesia